About Us

Dyslexia and Aphasia (Greek names for various kinds of language problems) affect one out of 10 children. Children with learning disabilities look no different than children without language or learning problems. That is why so many people suffer all of their lives. They don’t know what the problem is. All they know is that they have trouble reading, writing, and speaking. As children, they become used to being scolded, ignored, or teased because when they want to say something, the words wont come; when they want to read, nothing makes sense; as for writing, any relationship between the alphabet and the spoken language is incomprehensible. If they are intelligent, and most of them are, they learn to hide their disability behind well developed memories, but at some point, memory alone cannot serve them. Or they simply tune out, refuse to pay attention, and become behavior problems. They drop out of school, they take menial jobs, they cannot compete with their peers, and they don’t try. It is a shame and a loss! That is unless they are properly diagnosed and get help.

And help is available here at the Santa Rosa RiteCare Childhood Language Center for the asking!!!

The Santa Rosa RiteCare Childhood Language Center is one of the 14 such centers in California established by the California Scottish Rite Foundation to help language and learning challenged children.

The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry offers this service to children from age 18 months -12 yrs, regardless of race, religion, or financial status. Masonic affiliation is not required.

Founded and funded by the members of the Santa Rosa Scottish Rite Masonic Fraternity and their families as a philanthropy for the purpose of helping children and young people overcome language and learning difficulties and thereby become useful and productive citizens.